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Name:Naomi Leigh Duval
Birthdate:Apr 19
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Naomi Leigh Duval is the oldest child of Len and Mary Duval, born thirteen minutes ahead of twin sister Nora, and less than a year before their younger brother Zoran. Len and Mary originally planned on more children, but Zoran would turn out to be their last. Growing up, the siblings were quite close, and Naomi considered it her duty as the oldest to protect her twin and their little brother. They all grew up playing together, and things seemed pretty much like an average family. Their family was what you could call well-to-do and things seemed averagely normal until Naomi and Nora were thirteen and Zoran turned twelve. Len, a landscape gardener, got laid off from work and started to drink heavily. Mary was left supporting the family on her nurse's wage and because she had to take more and more shifts, the marriage began to suffer. Len was rarely not drunk, and started to get violent with Mary. Before it could get too bad, Mary moved out with Zoran's sisters, but he chose to stay with his dad. He had - unwarranted - faith in his dad and thought he was just miserable because he was drinking and needed help.

Naomi spent years of her life worrying about Zoran, begging her mother to get him away from Len and bring him to live with them. It had always been her job to protect her siblings, and knowing that Zoran was in danger tore her up inside. Mary's response was always that Zoran had made his own choice, to stay with his father, and it wasn't their place to take him away. It was a reaction that sickened Naomi, and ultimately put a distance between herself and her twin as well, when Nora took their mother's side and basically agreed that Zoran had chosen his own fate, despite Naomi's insistence that he was way too young to make a choice like that. She promised herself that, when she was old enough, she would get Zoran out on her own.

But that was when her mother made the choice to move the girls to the West Coast, where they were living when they got the horrific news of Zoran's suicide. Her heart broke for her baby brother, with whom her mother had cut off all contact, and she was furious when they went to the funeral and her mother went after Len, accusing him of murder. Zoran's death was a suicide, and as far as Naomi was concerned, her mother was as much to blame as her father. The fact that Zoran's body was never found only served that much more to keep Naomi from finding closure of any kind. It was hard to accept that your baby brother was dead when there was no body, and you were just going on the word of the police.

As soon as she turned eighteen, she moved out of her mother's home to a place of her own in California. She earned a bachelor's degree in interior design, and has been working since her graduation for a well known company in the LA area. She should be happy, but there's a part of her that's felt like it's missing for years now. Her relationship with her twin and her mother is near non-existent now, and her baby brother's death is something she's never fully gotten over.

Things only got that much weirder when her father was murdered, and she received news that the only member of Len's family to show up and ID him had taken the body to New York for burial. Len didn't have family in New York to Naomi's knowledge, and suddenly, there were a lot of questions in her mind... Questions that brought her to New York herself in search of her dad's burial plot, and the person who'd chosen to lay him to rest there.
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